Election Calendar for 2022

     The next Election Commission meeting will be announced.        

August 4, 2022 Federal & State Primary with County General and City of Whiteville Election
                               1st Day to Pick-Up Petitions--- February 7, 2022
                                 Qualifying Deadline--- April 7, 2022- NOON
                               Withdrawal Deadline--- April 14, 2022- NOON
                                  Last Day to Register to Vote--- July 5, 2022
                             1st Day to Request Absentee Ballot--- May 6, 2022
                            Last Day to Request Absentee Ballot--- July 28, 2022
                                       Early Voting--- July 15th - July 30th 
                                           Election Day--- August 4, 2022

                     Offices Eligible for the August 4, 2022 County Primary Election
                                                    County Mayor 
                                        County Commission Positions:
             District 1, Positions 1,2,3; District 2, Positions 1,2; District 3, Positions 1,2; 
                District 4, Position 1; District 5, Positions 1,2,3; District 6, Position 1; 
                                  District 7, Positions 1,2; District 8, Position 1
                                                   District 9, Position 1 
                                                     County Trustee
                                              General Sessions Judge
                                                 Circuit Court Clerk 
                                                      County Clerk
                                                   Register of Deeds
                                                 Road Superintendent
                           Road Supervisors- District 1, District 2, District 3
                                                  All Judicial Offices

                                  City of Whiteville Positions Eligible
                                                 Three Aldermen

                               Offices Eligible for Federal & State Primary
                      Qualifying Deadline is NOON, Thursday, April 7, 2022

Governor, United States Senate, United States House of Representatives 7th Congressional District, Tennessee House of Representatives- 80th and 94th Representative District, State Executive Committeeman and Committeewoman- 26th Senatorial District

 November 8, 2022 General with City of Grand Junction and Hickory Valley Election
                              1st Day to Pick-Up Petitions--- June 20, 2022
          Qualifying Deadline for Municipal Candidates--- August 18, 2022- NOON
                         Withdrawal Deadline--- August 25, 2022- NOON 
                          Last Day to Register to Vote--- October 11, 2022
                    1st Day to Request Absentee Ballot--- August 10, 2022
                  Last Day to Request Absentee Ballot--- November 1, 2022
                             Early Voting--- October 19th - November 3rd
                                     Election Day--- November 8, 2022

                            City of Grand Junction Positions Eligible
                                              Three Aldermen

                             City of Hickory Valley Positions Eligible
                                              Five Aldermen

                       Municipal Election Calendar                         

CityMonth & Year of ElectionOn the Ballot

BolivarMay 20234 Council Positions: District A, Position 1;
District A, Position 2; District B, Position 1;
District B, Position 3
Grand Junction    November 2024
Mayor and 3 Aldermen
Hickory ValleyNovember 2022Mayor and 5 Aldermen
HornsbyNovember 2024Mayor and 5 Aldermen
MiddletonNovember 2024Mayor and 5 Aldermen
Saulsbury November 2024Mayor and 5 Aldermen
Silerton November 2024Mayor and 5 Aldermen
TooneNovember 2024Mayor and 6 Aldermen
Whiteville August 2024Mayor and 3 Aldermen Positions