Military and Overseas Voting

Military personnel, their family members and overseas voters (UOCAVA voters) may revieve their absentee ballot via e-mail or by-mail upon request. UOCAVA voters may track when the package was received by the Hardeman County Election Commission. The voted ballot must be received by the Hardeman County Election Commission by the close of polls on election day to be counted.  
  • MILITARY PERSONNEL:  Persons who are United States citizens, residents of Tennessee and members of the Uniformed Services (i.e. armed forces personnel), and their family members.

"Armed forces personnel" is defined in T.C.A. § 2-1-104(1) as members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Corps, Coast Guard, Environmental Science Service Administration Public Health Serves of the United States of members of the Merchant Marine of the United States, and their spouses and dependents. 
  • CIVILIANS OUTSIDE U.S.: Persons who are United States citizens, residents of Tennessee, and who are currently residing overseas.  

  • OVERSEAS CITIZEN: A United States citizen who resides outside the U.S. and, but for living outside the U.S., would be qualified to vote in Tennessee.

  • PERSONS BORN OVERSEAS: A person who has never lived in the U.S. but has a parent who is eligible to vote in Tennessee may vote in Tennessee in the same voting residence claimed by the parent.

Click here for more information about the voting process for military and overseas voters. 

Standard Form 76,  must be renewed every year that the UOCAVA Voter is not in the county and sent back to  Hardeman County Election Commission.   This form can be completed online or printed and mailed back to our office.  The voter may choose to have their ballot emailed to them but must be able to print your ballot and have two (2) envelopes available in order to select this option.

The Honor Vote Program
The Honor Vote program lets Tennesseans dedicate their vote to those who are serving or have served our country. The men and women of the U.S. military ensure our freedom and democracy, allowing us to cast a ballot each Election Day.  

To all of the military, past and present, we THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice to ensure our freedom.  May God Bless Each of You!